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  • Multisensory
  • Family-friendly
  • 11 Interactive

Dopamine Land Washington D.C. a multisensory experience

Dopamine Land is a multisensory experience combining media, technology and play in one place. Whether you fancy a day out with the kids or one of our late evening adult-friendly sessions, this interactive museum wants everyone to embrace their inner child and explore all the colorful installations. So, don’t miss out! Take a break from your everyday life and get those dopamine levels up!


  • The Bubble Bar

    The Bubble Bar

    Your adventure starts and ends in our vibrant bar area, where you can dive into the ball pool, grab a snack, or pick up a memento from the Dopamine Land store.

  • Decompression Room

    Decompression Room

    Shed the stressors of the outside world in this peaceful haven where sheer, billowy curtains, cozy seating, and our voice-only guide, Anima, await you.

  • Infinity Bliss

    Infinity Bliss

    Enter a mesmerizing world of seemingly endless color and mirrors as you weave your way through twinkling lights and embrace a chance for self-reflection.

  • Rhythm Studio

    Rhythm Studio

    Join award-winning beatboxing duo SPIDERHORSE as they teach you how to unlock dopamine through the magic of music—or go solo... the choice is yours!

  • Shadow Wonderland

    Shadow Wonderland

    Immerse yourself in the art of storytelling by turning ordinary shadows into enthralling tales of enchantment and wonder.

  • Lucid Dreams

    Lucid Dreams

    Embark on a fun adventure into the fascinating world of dreams without your head even hitting the pillow in this visually captivating and interactive room.

  • The Writer’s Loft

    The Writer’s Loft

    Pilot invites you to Erase Self-Negativity and spread Permanent Positivity anywhere you’d like throughout this unconventional blank canvas.

  • Surprise Party

    Surprise Party

    Get ready to be surprised as you interact with the walls of this glowing structure. The more you push and pull, the more the anticipation grows!

  • Sensory Lab

    Sensory Lab

    Go beyond sight to learn how touch, scent, sound, and taste can act as dopamine triggers as you explore each multisensory, surprise-filled station.

  • Euphoria Grove

    Euphoria Grove

    Explore this tranquil oasis to reconnect with the calming effects of nature and rediscover how the world around us can trigger dopamine in unexpected ways.

  • Pillow Fight

    Pillow Fight

    Competitive spirits reign supreme and the thrill of victory is up for grabs as sound, light and action collide to create an exhilarating and high-energy experience.

Dopamine Land Reviews

What people think about Dopamine Land multisensory experience in London

  • Blanca P.

    “I LOVE the experience. I would really go back with more friends 🫶🏻”

  • Laura W.

    “Great fun for me with my 5 month old and my 83 year old grandma.”

  • Shivani P.

    “Love love love.”

  • Lina R.

    “Love it! Perfect for the family ❤️”

  • Carlene B.

    “My mom, daughter and I absolutely loved it, so is definitely for all the family, but wish it was bigger.”

  • Anna P.

    “Entertained my toddler for over an hour, 100% worth it 😅”

  • Joy D.

    “A really uplifting experience definitely enjoyable.”

  • Jade B.

    “Great for kids!”

  • Emma B.

    “Was awesome!”

  • Sheena Y.

    “Excellent, we definitely had so much fun and a dopamine rush when left!! Best experience for team days and friends”

  • Tiniece-L.

    “Great event for kids”

  • Shepa B.

    “Very lovely 😍”

Practical info

  1. Dates: From December
  2. Opening hours: Varied from Thursday to Sunday.
  3. Duration: 30-50 minutes
  4. Location: 5333 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015
  5. Age: All ages welcome! Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
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Dopamine Land D.C. Location

5333 Wisconsin, Ave NW, Washington DC, 20015


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